28 April, 2018


What do you yearn for?

I don't mean a bucket list thing, or lust, but is there anything that your heart truly desires? That you've perhaps wanted for a long time? That is legal?

I'm not much for yearning on that level. My yearnings are more the cheap flings of the yearning family: I yearn for Chicago-style deep dish pizza. I yearn for buttery, salty popcorn! (They sweeten it here.) My "yearning" tends toward the edible end of the spectrum.

Since moving overseas, my husband and I often talk about things we'd like to do, places to see, ways we might make it work - just things we desire for our life. This is more like a vision of our wishes.

I've started making notes as we have these conversations, and intend to write these into a beautiful leather-bound journal I was given that I've never felt worthy to write in.

What does yearning imply to you? Do you partake of yearning? 

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  1. I'm not a big yearner - I'm really quite happy with my life. I'd love to have my adult kids living nearby, but that wouldn't make them happy and I don't think it's fair to yearn for something that will never happen. I'm learning to be content and Midlife (and frugal living) has brought with it the ability to buy or do pretty much what I'd like (within reason) so there's nothing I'm really desperate for - and I like that a lot! Oh yes...one thing - I'm yearning for Monday and the end of this Challenge and some time off my laptop!

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    Y for You are Unique

    1. haha! Yes! Monday has come!

      We are of the same mind.


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