13 April, 2018

Lagging Behind

I feel like I'm lagging behind in this A to Z challenge, so for the letter L I'm taking a break from my Life Wisdom theme to mentally catch up.

"But Red," you say, "Today is L, and you have an L post. You aren't behind!" Well, thanks for your support. But "just on time" means I have no wiggle room for a catastrophe to happen.

 ~~ I mean, living in China means my day begins 12 hours ahead of the official A to Z bloghop, so I have an extra grace period built in, but I don't count it. I've been writing daily, about a day in advance. I'll even schedule the post in case I can't get back in to check it. When I get up, I do a final proofread, maybe add a picture, publish, link-up, visit blogs, reply to comments on mine, and start on the next day's post.

This morning, I got up, opened K to add a picture and change the color (Yellow on black or black on yellow are the most easily readable colors.) and suddenly all of K was gone. GONE! No longer in my drafts. Nowhere. I had to re-write as close as I could remember it. That, to me, is a day behind.

Since my Friday is busy non-stop, I absolutely have to have this one ready to go in advance.

Also, I found some new blogs that I liked early in this challenge, and at first I tried to return to them daily. But I also make sure to hit at least 3 new blogs each day, and the list of ones I like keeps growing, so I can't visit all of them every day. I'm lagging behind.

Also, I'm lagging in the rest of my life. I'm taking Mandarin, and instead of spending 2 hours a day on it - or even 1 hour - this week I barely got my homework done. I'm lagging behind.
I'm not getting as much exercise as before, and my body is getting soft. I'm lagging behind.

I'm trying to track all the steps we are taking on this crazy train ride over the cliff that is our imminent move, and every day feels like I'm choking. I can't say I'm lagging behind there, in all honesty, but knowing that I don't even know everything that I need to do makes me feel like I'm lagging behind.

How do you cope when you wish the world would stop for you? Any tips?

(If you're visiting from A to Z, please include the name of your blog as it is on the Master List so I can return the favor!)


  1. I don't know how anyone can do the AtoZ day by day - it just blows my mind! I had all my posts prepared and scheduled before it started so I just review the latest one and tick it off. All the commenting and visiting and keeping up with my normal life is taking its toll so you must be drowning - all credit to you that you're still going strong! I feel like my laptop and I spend more time together than anything else in my life atm (my husband would probably agree!) Hang in there - I'm loving your posts x

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    L for Love Yourself

    1. Thanks. The only reason I can do it this year is that my job hasn't had much work for me lately, so I can spend most of my days at home.

  2. I'm not one who has my posts done in advance before the challenge starts, so right about now, midpoint in the challenge, is when things start feeling a bit chaotic. I've come to expect April to be like that - always feeling like you're just kind of hanging on, but certainly not securely. Which for me is exactly part of the gifts of the challenge - a genuine invitation into stretching in all kinds of ways.

    Hang in there, and maybe it would help to reframe it a bit. If you don't write in advance then you can't suffer the loss of a disappearing post. :-)

    1. Thanks. I'm trying to get at least a start on a few more posts so I don't feel like I'm flying blindly.

  3. We're halfway through! There is something about this point in the challenge when it gets hard. I know what you mean. I couldn't keep up with all the blogs if I didn't have my handy-dandy feed reader.

    And this totally counts. It may feel like you're lagging, but you're not.

    Liz from Laws of Gravity (#510)

    1. I'm actually trying to visit blogs regularly enough to see if I consistently like the writing before adding them to my reader, but good point.

  4. So, ummmm, did you see my post today?

    I strongly identify with this post.


    I think you still managed to stick to your theme, though, because there is life advice after all: even when you're lagging, even when it feels like you're behind, hang in there (she wrote while frantically trying to catch up on visiting the blogs who visited while she also lagged behind).

    Keep hanging in!

    A Bit to Read

    1. That is kismet. Or maybe it's just this point in the race, since I'm getting a lot of the same feedback!

      I didn't even see my own wisdom, so thanks for that!

  5. As the pantser in this family, it looks good to me.


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