02 April, 2018

Just Breathe

... People say that as if we're somehow alive, forgetting to breathe, right?

But if you stop and FOCUS on your breath, it really can make a difference.

I had a rough time a year or so ago, and started learning about mindfulness. There are several things I can say about it, but one thing that helps me anytime, anywhere, is that slow, deep breaths really do help!

In yoga, the first thing is to focus on the breath. Take a minute and center yourself with a deep breath. A long slow inhale, a long slow exhale. Concentrate on the sensation of the breath filling your lungs, and let go of any tension with the exhale... It's not rocket science, but if you focus on breathing, all the other thoughts plaguing your brain dissipate. It is calming.

If you're angry, what do people say? "Take a deep breath." If you have ever done that, you may have noticed that the simple inhale-exhale action released something. You might still be angry, but you can also calmly deal with the situation.

When I get panicky or anxious, sometimes just closing my eyes and focusing on a few deep breaths helps remind me that really, everything is okay. (That's part of mindfulness, too: focusing on this moment, right now.)

What about you? What works for you?

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  1. I find focusing on my breathing if I'm having trouble falling asleep always helps - the "in for 4 - hold for 7 - out for 8" always helps me settle and calms my mind.

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    B for Believe in Yourself

    1. Me too! But I just do 4-2-4. Otherwise, I lose count.

  2. It was Pilates for me with the breathing, but it sure does help. I was petted and praised recently at a medical procedure for being calm throughout - and without drugs. You'll not be surprised to hear it was the slow steady breathing (and my NLP relaxation anchor!)

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    1. Yes! People are amazed when we can truly "breathe through" whatever it is. If I get hurt - hit my funny bone, or bang my knee or something - I just breathe the pain right out of my system.

  3. I thought about doing breath today too! It's such a good reminder. Yoga is the best for keeping you on an even keel, it's so good for you inside and out!

    A Bit to Read

    1. Yes. And you can do it anywhere. If I'm traveling, I won't go to the hotel gym (because who wants to pack exercise clothes) but I will do yoga in my room.

  4. focus on breath can change your space and another one i like is making the exhalation longer then the inhalation which apparently moves us into our parasympathetic which allows us to relax or so I was told , anyway it is calming

    1. I never knew that was why the exhale is longer! Thanks for the info!


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